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MSC chief: Mobarakeh Steel Group’s production up over last year

The managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) says as a product of the Islamic Revolution, MSC, which was built in the midst of enemy airstrikes against the country, owes a debt of gratitude to the ultimate sacrifice of martyrs.
Hamidreza Azimian further said the responsibility lies with the company’s managers and staffers to protect and promote Mobarakeh Steel Company, which is now the biggest steelmaker and economic institution in the country.
He said, “Ever since my debut in MSC, I have laid emphasis on boosting the safety of human resources in the company. I have constantly underscored that human resources are the company’s most valuable asset. Today the factor of safety is at its highest level in the company thanks to divine assistance and the tireless efforts of all units, especially the safety and fire unit.”
The managing director went on to say that in the year to late March 20, 2019, the group – which brings together MSC, Hormozgan Steel Company and Saba Steel Complex – produced as much as 9.020 million tons of crude steel. “The company’s production target for the first half of this year (which ended on September 22, 2019) envisioned 4.320 million tons of crude steel production, but actual production stood at 4.728 million tons, that is, the company beat its forecasts by nine percent. In other words, thanks to the contribution of the personnel, the company will, by yearend, produce more crude steel than last year despite the existing problems.”
In the first half of the year, MSC produced 3.121 million tons of steel for domestic use and 753,000 tons for overseas markets, he said. “During corresponding period last year, the company sold 2.933 million tons of steel on domestic markets and exported 664,000 tons. The statistics show that MSC has grown remarkably in terms of domestic sales and exports thanks to collective efforts of staff members.”
He said MSC earned 98.101 trillion rials in collective revenues from domestic sales and exports in the first half of last year (ended on September 22, 2018). “The figure rose to 200.337 trillion rials in the similar period this year. The company’s exports in the first half of this year surged to $311 million despite the problems associated with exports and in spite of the fact that MSC has given top priority to meeting domestic needs.”
The managing director also referred to his company’s efforts to improve product quality and increase the production quantity and said in the first half of this year product quality indexes in many units and plants have been better than expected.
Azimian then mentioned the following as some of the main activities of his company in the six months to September 22, 2019: holding the company’s annual general assembly and dividing 39 trillion rials in dividends which more than doubled this year over last year's 18.750 trillion rials; a proposal by the Board of Directors to increase the company's capital from 130 trillion rials to 210 trillion rials; the lowest number of accidents in the first half of the year; raising personnel satisfaction and enthusiasm compared with last year; holding a fifth fund-raising ceremony sponsored by Mobarakeh Steel Company and its trading partners and collecting as much as 32 billion rials (to secure the release of prisoners behind bars for committing involuntary offenses); mass-producing – for the first time in the country – a new steel grade (API  X60) to be used in oil and gas industries; setting production records in all units and plants in the country; raising the production capacity of the tin-plated steel production chain; revamping the steelmaking Furnace No. 1 at Saba Steel Complex; and completing an internal bill of lading project for materials purchased.
Azimian further said these achievements have come on the back of self-belief and tireless efforts of MSC’s managers and staff members. “To go ahead with the company’s successful march, we are trying hard to remove the problems associated with supplying raw materials and equipment. We at Mobarakeh Steel Company have come to the conclusion that like the measures we took at a national level to indigenize parts, we should take serious measures to supply raw materials and develop mines. This will stop MSC, the largest steelmaker in Iran and the Middle East, from having difficulties providing raw materials.”
Without a doubt, with any threat comes an opportunity, he said. “Any problem prompts us to look for new horizons and work out new solutions. We need to learn from Iranian soldiers who fought on battlefields during the Sacred Defense, those who turned threats into opportunities when they came under enemy attacks. We should inject vividness and vibrancy into the ranks of society by offering new solutions, diversifying products and improving the quality and quantity of products at a time when the enemies have maximized their pressure on the country,”
The managing director said the company’s expansion projects in the future will create up between 7,000 and 8,000 jobs in three years’ time. “The best way to counter the enemy is to raise productivity and maximize production. We should believe that God supports those who make endeavors. There is no doubt that the Supreme Leader has smartly chosen ‘Boosting Production’ as the country’s key strategy for this year because in a country where jobs and revenues are boosted, other shortcomings will be more tolerable.”
In conclusion, Azimian said, “I am honored that hardworking, industrious and diligent people are working in this company. I strongly believe that we will make greater achievements down the line thanks to the efforts of my colleagues in Mobarakeh Steel Company.”

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