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MSC contributes to construction of first vocational school of Shahr-e Majlesi

A vocational school whose construction was partly funded by Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) was inaugurated in Shahr-e Majlesi during Government Week. Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development Habibollah Taherkhani, Zahra Saeedi, an MP who represents Mobarakeh in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Ayaz Esmaeeli, MSC Vice-President of Human Resources, along with the governor, Friday prayer leader and a host of Mobarakeh officials were on hand for the inauguration of the school.
After the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Taherkhani, who also serves as the managing director of the company which oversees the development of new cities, told the correspondent of the Steel Newsletter, only industries which are committed to social responsibilities just like MSC remain sustainable.
Recalling the contribution of Mobarakeh Steel Company to completion of a subway line that links Baharestan to Shahr-e Majlesi, the deputy minister said MSC pays special attention to quality of life in the community and always leads the way in this regard.
He hailed interaction between MSC and Mobarakeh officials as an opportunity to serve the local people and said the positive attitude of MSC management to social responsibilities has made it possible to better serve nearby communities.
He said inauguration of the subway line will play an important role in the economic development of Mobarakeh and Shahr-e Majlesi and draw a bigger population to the latter. “Tender documents and other measures of this monumental project will be launched in coming days. We hope follow-up measures by local officials and contribution by MSC will soon result in the inauguration of this project.”
At the same ceremony, the representative of Mobarakeh in the Islamic Consultative Assembly referred to the importance of the availability of urban amenities to residents of Shahr-e Majlesi, especially its students, and said under the present circumstances, inauguration of development projects can have a huge role in boosting the morale of the hardworking people of the region.
Recalling the subway project in Mobarakeh and the valuable contribution of MSC to this strategic project, she said in a praiseworthy move MSC has recently paid 600 million tomans to promote safety on Mobarakeh roads and this amount comes on top of its previous contributions to other projects.
Later, the HR chief of Mobarakeh Steel Company said as a company that matches up to organizational excellence standards, MSC pays attention to its social responsibilities as it pursues the business aspects of its activities. MSC has also tried to remain committed to the principle of good neighborliness.
He hailed cooperation between MSC and Mobarakeh as a win-win interaction and said in a bid to render better services, Mobarakeh Steel Company has worked out a number of projects whose inauguration benefits different strata; that is the best achievement imaginable.
Esmaeeli went on to say that MSC has invested more than 5 billion tomans in Shahr-e Majlesi-Baharestan subway project and named a few other projects to which MSC has contributed, among them, collection of urban wastewater, cultural, medical, educational, sport, relief and rescue plans as well as development projects to build bridges, highways and roads.
He said in dealing with its social responsibilities, MSC has always maintained an attitude in which sustainable development has been front and center, and expressed hope cooperation between the giant steelmaker and local authorities will result in more benefits for all Iranians, especially the residents of Mobarakeh.
Tavoosi, the Friday prayer leader of Shahr-e Majlesi, addressed the same ceremony and talked about the importance of creating jobs for the youth, development of the urban mass transit, promotion of religiosity as well as the sociocultural needs of residents.
And Majidi, the managing director of Shahr-e Majlesi Development Co., thanked MSC for its contribution to the construction of the vocational school and other local projects and said Farshchian Vocational School is the first vocational school in Shahr-e Majlesi and spare local students the commute to nearby towns or cities to attend school.
It should be noted that a karting park, a number of sport fields and a few malls were also inaugurated on the same day.           

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