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MSC cooperation with Imam Khomeini Relief Committee unique: Official

Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) and its 2,852 staff members have always been an ardent supporter of Imam Khomeini Relief Committee and the poor families it covers, said Hamid Reza Shiran, the director general of Isfahan provincial chapter of the charity in an interview with the Steel Newsletter.
He went on to say in addition to the all-out support of Mobarakeh Steel Company, each month its staff donate as much as 97 million tomans to a bank account dedicated to the needy children covered by the committee.
He further said a massive contribution as such by a company and its staff member to Imam Khomeini Relief Committee is unique across the country and added the contribution has been ongoing for years. Besides, MSC has used different occasions to offer more aid to those in need.
Shiran stated that MSC has offered the greatest volume of aid to the committee when festivals are held each year to help needy students ahead of the opening of the school year, Benevolence Day, New Year’s Eve and during the holy fasting month of Ramadan and mourning days of Muharram. Each year, Mobarakeh Steel Company pays for the stationery of needy students, especially in the town of Mobarakeh.
MSC also provides food for some of the people covered by Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, he said, adding the giant steelmaker also creates employment for members who are looking for jobs.
As a result of MSC charitable activities, poverty has declined, he said as he thanked the managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company and its staff for their support in various forms for the provincial chapter of Imam Khomeini Relief Committee.
In response to a question as to what measures Imam Khomeini Relief Committee is taking to create jobs for the individuals under its coverage, he said the committee is one of the biggest job creators in the country. The committee’s household jobs account for nearly 15 percent of direct employment created in the province and across the country; for every three direct jobs, one indirect job is created.
He said in a project aimed at creating jobs, Imam Khomeini Relief Committee is producing handcrafts in cooperation with those under coverage. In a move designed to support these individuals, MSC’s Sepahan Football Club is buying their handicrafts.
In conclusion, he said as far as employment is concerned, the responsibility the government has entrusted Imam Khomeini Relief Committee with has to do with small-scale household jobs; you should keep in mind that members of the family of Imam Khomeini Relief Committee account for 70-80 percent of all carpets produced in the country. These products bring in a lot of hard cash. Some 40 percent of all porcelain enamel and toreutic items made in the province is also produced by these individuals.     

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