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MSC customer satisfaction up

Results of studies conducted in late March 2018 on indexes and criteria suggested that local and foreign customer satisfaction with Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) registered a 2 percent increase year on year.
The MSC sales and marketing manager said in light of the fact that the survival of each organization hinges on the existence of loyal customers, in Mobarakeh Steel Company's strategic planning customer views have a special place among corporate goals and customer satisfaction is a pillar of the company’s strategies. As a result, a plan has been worked out according to which provision of high quality products in a sustainable manner, timely and sustainable supply of goods, expansion of the basket of products, provision of products at competitive prices, accountability and access to technical and commercial instructions are regarded as criteria for customer approval of MCS.
Mohammad Tajmir Riyahi stressed the importance of measures to assess MSC customer satisfaction and said to find out how successful the company has been in achieving that goal, the sales and marketing support unit organizes systematic surveys involving active customers each year, adding the results are analyzed before they are shared with related departments in a move designed to work out better planning and constantly improve the workings of the company.
On different fronts MSC has managed to keep customer satisfaction steady or has actually improved the index, he said, adding, for example, customer satisfaction has edged up by over       1 percent when it comes to pipes and profiles; the satisfaction level for metal industries and metal structures stood at 2 and 3 percentage points, respectively, and the rise in satisfaction levels is bound to boost customer loyalty.
He praised the collective efforts and commitment of all MSC personnel as instrumental in the achievements of the giant steelmaker and said most factors contributing to customer satisfaction, the most important of which are timely delivery and high quality of products, have had an upward trend.
Riyahi went on to say last year the timely delivery index, which centers on fulfillment of commitments, time-wise, improved by as much as 6 percent over the year before. Customer satisfaction when it came to timely delivery of pipes and profiles rose 4 percent; on other fronts the improvement in delivery index exceeded one percent.
Customer satisfaction with quality has improved too, he said, adding when it comes to satisfaction with the quality of hot-rolled and coated products, satisfaction level was up 3 percent; as for Saba Steel Complex's hot-rolled products, the figure grew by 5 percent.
He went on to state that customer satisfaction with the quality of MSC products has maintained a steady trend; for example, the satisfaction of the manufacturers of home appliances and machinery has increased 6 percent; satisfaction of pipe and profile producers has risen 2 percent.
In conclusion, he said the most important expectation of customers is that MSC maintains the quality of its services and products, something which will be possible through tireless efforts of personnel and their unwavering commitment to constant improvement.

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