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MSC designs, produces high-strength galvanized steel sheets
Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) has designed and produced high-strength galvanized steel sheets, said Mohsen Mosadegh, the manager of Metallurgy and Manufacturing Methods at the giant steelmaker.
He further said one of the company’s aims is to produce special products with higher added value. “MSC’s Metallurgy and Manufacturing Methods, Steelmaking, and Hot- and Cold-Rolled Steel Units designed and produced S350 GD grade of steel in cooperation with Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Automotive Sheets Company. The new product, which is a high-strength galvanized steel sheet, is on par with the [European] Standard EN 10346.”
Meanwhile, Alireza Molavi, an expert with MSC’s Metallurgy and Manufacturing Methods, said this grade which was previously imported to the country is mainly used in constructing bus parts, the profiles used in minibus manufacturing and other products which need high-strength steel.
As for the technical features of S350 GD grade of steel, he said this high-strength sheet contains carbon (about 0.15 percent) and manganese (1.1 percent) with a yield stress of at least 350 mega- pascal (MP) and an ultimate tensile strength of at least 420 MP. He further said these sheets, which have been produced at a condition suitable for hot-rolled sheets, match up to parameters suitable for cold-rolled steel sheets, adding the full hard steel sheets have been produced as galvanized automotive sheets with a coating weight of 180 grams per square meters.
Molavi said the sheets which have successfully passed all mechanical and coating tests have secured consumers’ approval. “I would like to thank all my colleagues who helped MSC make such valuable achievement.”      

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