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MSC has indigenized over 60 consumable groups during sanctions era
Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) has so far indigenized more than 60 groups of consumable products it uses in its production lines by implementing the guidelines of the Resistance-based Economy and supporting local manufacturing companies.
Mohammad Reza Momtaz, who is in charge of purchasing consumables in Mobarakeh Steel Company, made the mark and added initially, investment and trust in local manufacturing firms and knowledge-based companies involved huge risks. “As the driving force behind the upstream and downstream industries, MSC took the risk and lent financial and technical support to domestic producers. This set the stage for key players of the industry sector to acquire the knowhow of producing the consumable products the steel industry needs at a time when sanctions were in place.”
He further said Mobarakeh Steel is the flag-bearer of indigenizing the goods the steel industry used to import, adding MSC has so far indigenized the following items: refractories, strategic ceramic parts, casting products, oils, paints, lubricants, chemical materials, catalysts, packaging tools, safety equipment, and electrical devices and tools.      
Momtaz said the company plans to master the technical knowhow of producing other goods, including special conveyors, wire ropes and special chemicals, adding the better part of these items will be indigenized soon.
He thanked the production and logistics units as well as the staff at Mobarakeh Steel Company and domestic industrial workshops and manufacturing companies for their situational awareness (SA) and genuine commitment. “They tried their best to produce products which mostly outmatch similar imported goods. What they’ve done will ultimately wean the national steel industry off imports.”         

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