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MSC hosts World HSE Day ceremonies
A ceremony was hosted by Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) to mark the World Day for Safety and Health at Work (Safe Day) at Negin-e Naqsh-e Jahan Hall in Isfahan on April 28. The ceremony brought together prominent figures of health, safety and environment (HSE) such as MSC’s deputy in charge of the HR Department and managers of the company’s Health, Safety, and Environment Departments, the vice-chancellor of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences for health affairs, director general of the provincial Crisis Management Department, head of Isfahan Province’s Labor Inspection Office, head of the Occupational Health Engineering Office at the Health Department of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, faculty members of the Occupational Health Engineering Office at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, as well as occupational health experts and managers of the university’s Health Department and heads of provincial health centers. 
What matters most is that staff members return home safe after working days of 8 to 12 hours
The ceremony opened with a message by Minister of Health and Medical Education Dr. Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi. Later MSC’s deputy managing director in charge of the HR Department Ayaz Esmaeli congratulated the audience on World Day for Safety and Health at Work and said, “Such gatherings amount to a valuable opportunity for us to put our heads together and work out better strategies and plans to improve safety of the industry sector and society at large.”
He brought the issue of safety into focus and said, “The very first thing that attracts the attention of workers who are new to a company is the corporate motto that prioritizes worker safety and labor. That is exactly true. But how many steps we have taken toward realizing that priority and how much we have managed to observe workplace safety and health standards are what matter.”
He went on to say that progress is achievable only through planning and appropriate action. “What matters is that staff members go home safe after an 8-12 hour workday. For workers to spend hundreds and thousands of working hours in the company without accident, special thinking and widespread operations should be at work behind the scenes to produce the intended result. This amounts to a social responsibility which all companies should take into account and observe in order to be able to produce and render sustainable services.”
Around 14,000 people are directly working in Mobarakeh Steel Company and another 5,000 or so work on permanent and temporary employment contracts at MSC, he said. “Accidents are more likely to happen at places which are more crowded. At such places, the question of safety assumes added weight and becomes more vital. We need to bear in mind that a couple of factors are involved in staff safety and health. This means when a person enters a workplace they should be mentally and psychologically ready for that place. The places we all live in, family and society, have strong influence on workplace safety and health. That’s why we need to have planning to improve public mental health in society.”
He further said Mobarakeh Steel Company has taken effective measures as far as mental health in society is concerned, adding it has held family training courses and has done its best to develop the relationship between family and factory.
In conclusion, Esmaeli said, “We need to have better planning for improvement of safety in organizations and industries by building on the experience of all safety experts. We should not forget the fact that sometimes a culture is brought into the factory from society and vice-versa. By the same token, we can transfer the industry’s safety achievements to society.”  
Healthy humans, central pillar of sustainable development; such meetings can contribute to sustainable development 
Later, Director General of Isfahan Province’s Crisis Management Department Mansour Shisheh-Foroush thanked MSC for organizing the ceremony and said, “Organization of these specialized meetings can serve as a turning point, a sign of things to come or motivation for those who are expected to pursue occupational health and safety and system resilience in the face of accidents. This is a valuable, important issue for society. If this meeting leads to new ideas which help us complete and follow up our measures, it would be of high value.”     
Under an agreement, countries have committed themselves to taking significant measures to raise safety in cities and villages across the world by 2030, he said. “These measures – with a theme of all-out safety and public contribution – are being implemented to reduce the aftereffects of accidents. In the form of a document, such measures have been communicated to countries which are, in turn, taking action in various fields to materialize them.”  
Over the last ten years, 700,000 people or so have lost their lives in accidents across the world, he said, adding measures should be taken in this regard. “There is no denying the fact that the role humans play in critical situations is crucial.”
The official went on to say healthy humans are at the center of sustainable development, adding organization of meetings like this can make a difference when it comes to sustainable development. ‘Without a doubt, measures taken in industrial and production centers can help prevent the occurrence of many workplace accidents.”
MSC is leading, exemplary company in health, safety and environment management
In his address to the ceremony, head of Isfahan Province’s Labor Inspection Office Habibollah Maghsoudi hailed as praiseworthy MSC’s efforts and measures with regard to organizing such a ceremony and improving safety and said the importance of safety, health and environment (HSE) is common knowledge. “In recent years Iranian employers and workers have realized the importance of HSE. They have put into effect the questions lawmakers have highlighted in previous years and implemented them in industrial units, and are now seriously pursuing them in their workplace.”
He said MSC is one of the leading, exemplary companies in HSE management. “Clearly, HSE managers and experts in the company have fully honored their commitments, and pursued efforts and implemented plans to safeguard workforce and work environment. MSC’s managing director, his deputies and senior managers as well as members of the staff command appreciation in this regard.”  
As for the significance of celebrating the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, he said all safety experts in industries and companies are always concerned about protecting and safeguarding the life of workers and improving their working conditions. “Such ceremonies are intended to thank them the way they deserve. When their endeavors are appreciated sincerely, they will be motivated to render still better and safer services.”
Safety [improvement] has always shown an upward trend in MSC, Maghsoudi said, adding the company’s situation is favorable when it comes to safety. “But we need to admit that there is no end to safety issues. The safety of personnel and equipment is likely to be dealt a blow any time they are exposed to unsafe working conditions. The responsibility lies with members of staff to abide by the guidelines and have sufficient training to prevent accidents from happening.”
MSC keeps updating its safety plan
For his part, the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Manager at Mobarakeh Steel Company Hossein Modaresifar presented a report on the company’s HSE performance and said, “In cooperation with Isfahan Province’s Health Department and Labor Inspection Office, we decided to hold a meeting in which MSC takes center stage to boost the culture of safety, appreciate the leading, hardworking people who are involved in safety issues, celebrate the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which focuses on a safe and healthy generation, and thank companies and experts that have taken the lead in safety issues across the province for tireless efforts.”
Based on assessments of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) and reports on the performance of management and personnel in different sections including safety, health and environment departments, Mobarakeh Steel Company has always been an excellent company, he said. “MSC has also fared well when it comes to excellence tours and other issues, so much so that other companies can follow its example. “
MSC has always updated its safety plan, he said, adding its safety performance stood at 1.8 in terms of the Frequency Rate (FR) of work-related accidents and hit 0.02 in terms of the Severity Rate (SR) in the 12 months to March 20, 2018. “Such an achievement is like a dream for many industries.”
Modaresifar further said, “Success does not come by chance. The achievements different countries make are the direct result of detailed planning and thinking. That’s why all organizations are expected to build their fundamentals based on safety improvement so that each year they can celebrate the fruit of the plans they have put forward in this area.”
In conclusion, he said targeted planning on all fronts is a must. “Mobarakeh Steel Company has set its sights on 2025 and has put forward formulated plans to that end. The company has also developed its safety improvement plan.”
It should be noted that head of the Occupational Health Engineering Office at the Health Department of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences Mr. Mashayekh and Vice-Chancellor of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences for Health Affairs Dr. Heydari delivered speeches on the importance of safety, health and environment in the ceremony which was meant to celebrate the World Day for Safety and Health at Work and was hosted by Mobarakeh Steel Company. At the end of the ceremony, top industries in the province which were actively involved in HSE improvement were honored.

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