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MSC is leading other companies in reducing water consumption: Crisis Management Dept.
The director general of Isfahan Provincial Crisis Management Department, accompanied by a host of crisis managers from governor’s offices in the province, toured the production lines of Mobarakeh Steel Company and hailed MSC as a leading company when it comes to cutting water consumption.
In a meeting with the visiting officials, Iraj Torabi, who heads the Public Relations Office at MSC, extended a warm welcome to the guests and praised good interaction between government agencies which are involved in crisis management in the province.
“Numerous measures Mobarakeh Steel Company has taken in line with undertaking its social responsibility and protecting the environment have so far produced encouraging results, including slashing energy consumption in the company, using water prudently, and re-using wastewater of nearby towns,” he added.   
Torabi termed as positive coordination and cooperation between executive bodies at national and regional levels and said, “Since its foundation, Mobarakeh Steel Company has played a constructive and pivotal role in crisis management and rushed to the help of the related government agencies in emergencies by adopting timely, appropriate measures.”   
Director General of Isfahan Provincial Crisis Management Department Mansour Shisheh-Foroush told the correspondent of Steel Newsletter that their MSC visit was meant to familiarize different units of Isfahan Provincial Crisis Management Department and its specialized task forces with the fruitful measures MSC has taken to handle environmental projects, cut energy (gas, electricity and water) consumption, and interact with different crisis management units.
“During the visit, we first formed a specialized task force at MSC and reviewed the guidelines communicated by the Crisis Management Department about optimal energy consumption. Later we went on a field trip to inspect the implementation of those guidelines. Luckily we found out that the guidelines had been fully implemented in the giant steelmaker and produced outstanding results such as a decrease in water consumption. In fact, the achievement is the end result of measures Mobarakeh Steel Company has taken involving crisis management,” he said.
The official went on to say that various projects have been defined and implemented at MSC’s production systems and logistics units, among them, slashing water consumption along production lines and green space landscaping. “Mobarakeh Steel factory has been landscaped with species of salt-tolerant and drought-resistant plants that have been selected and planted in line with the region’s ecological features. The landscaped space has been equipped with modern drip irrigation systems and lawns have been replaced by xeriscaping to reduce water consumption. In many parts of the factory wastewater has taken the place of running water, a valuable move which has lowered MSC’s overall water consumption and helped the giant steelmaker comply with its crisis management plans.”  
He said MSC also reviewed and inspected the systems used for energy consumption, especially gas and electricity. “Reviewed reports suggest that Mobarakeh Steel Company has contributed to the national grid when it comes to load management, [also known as demand side management (DSM)], and removal of the country’s electrical problems, and has taken action to cut energy consumption.”
In light of the fact that the steelmaker extensively uses roads for transferring its raw materials and products, the company’s contractors have been obliged to observe safety standards on the road in order to prevent accidents and ensure safe cargo transfer, he said. “MSC supervised the contractors’ observance of the standards and concluded that good results have been produced.”
Another outstanding point involves safe labor, abidance by the safety standards, and the use of safety devices for personal protection and occupational hygiene, he said, adding MSC has invested in safety devices and equipment which are on par with modern standards.
“It is worth mentioning that Mobarakeh Steel Company has, not only, fared well in protecting the environment and lowering energy consumption, especially water, gas and electricity, it has also done a remarkable job when it comes to rushing to the help of the victims of natural disasters. After a strong earthquake hit Kermanshah, west of Iran, the Crisis Management Department announced it needs Conex boxes to be used as temporary shelters, MSC sent as many as 260 Conex boxes to the stricken areas and installed them in predetermined places,” the official further said.
“We inspected Fooladi District in Sarpol-e Zahab and found out that MSC had undertaken its responsibility in record time and in a manner in line with highest standards. The giant steelmaker also dispatched seven tractor-trailers carrying bottled water, blankets and clothing to the quake-hit areas. What MSC has done shows that it also leads the way when it comes to rushing aid to the victims of natural disasters. Personally, I thank the management and personnel of MSC which is a giant industrial business,” he concluded.

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