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MSC made big gains by investing in expansion projects

The head of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) says fortunately in the sanctions era, the country’s production has surged and the industry sector, especially the steel industry, has absorbed more investment.
Khodadad Gharibpour made the remark at the 8th International Investment Opportunity in Iran’s Mines and Mining Industries Exhibition and Conference (MINEX 2019) and the 8th International Exhibition and Conference on Materials Engineering and Metallurgy (iMAT 2019) as he highlighted the advantage of developing mines and mining industries.
He further said in the first half of this year (which ended on September 22, 2019) Mobarakeh Steel Company successfully met its six-month production goals and made valuable achievements when it came to producing concentrates, completing a graphite electrode plant, and producing steel sheets the oil industry needs. “MSC’s performance is praiseworthy.”
A proper model has been tapped on the exploration front, he said. “Giant copper, mining and steel companies like MSC have made valuable breakthroughs by prioritizing long-term profitability to short-term profit-making and making investment in expansion projects. Thanks to such an approach, the mine and mining industries sector has successfully generated capital.”
Gharibpour, who also serves as the deputy minister of industry, mine and trade, expressed satisfaction with the fact that universities, Iranian (Mining) Engineering Organization and knowledge-based companies have made their presence felt in the industry sector, highlighting the need for interaction between the industry sector and these institutes.       
MSC has fared well in raising knowledge, securing convergence between industry sector, universities, knowledge-based companies
On the opening day of the international exhibition, Dr. Gharibpour visited the pavilion of Mobarakeh Steel Company and said MSC has performed remarkably well when it comes to raising knowledge and building convergence between the industry sector, universities and knowledge-based companies. “In this exhibition, we learned that MSC has established a specialized workshop on ‘the first congress on creating business opportunities for the industrial sector’ in cooperation with the Iranian Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Society, the Iranian Steel Producers Association and the Science and Technology Park of University of Tehran and brought on board multiple universities and more than eight startups.”
MSC, founder of first congress on creating business opportunities for industrial sector
Concurrent with the opening ceremonies of MINEX 2019 and iMAT 2019, a first congress on creating business opportunities for the industrial sector was organized by Mobarakeh Steel Company backed by the Iranian Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Society, the Iranian Steel Producers Association and the Science and Technology Park of University of Tehran, according to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter.
Technical knowhow MSC acquired over years growing
Mehdi Naghavi, who is in charge of the Technology Department at MSC, said, “Today is not the first day of such a process and won’t be its last day either. The technical knowhow Mobarakeh Steel Company has acquired and institutionalized in the company over the years is growing in stages.”
To solve its problems, the company has used the playbook of developed nations and juxtaposed the indigenization unit with the one in charge of research and development, he said. “To that end, MSC has brought on board universities, as well as scientific, specialized associations, and experts from different production and repairs units so that it can work out solutions to the problems the company is facing.”      
Naghavi further said it is a giant step toward maintaining Mobarakeh Steel Group’s 50 percent share of steel production in the country by 2025 and toward coming up with effective solutions Iranian steelmakers all need.
He stressed that in cooperation with the institutes in question MSC will reach a point where it can create higher added value in the steel industry.
The implementation of this problem shooting process in the company in cooperation with a number of scientific institutes and universities will see a number of individuals trained to address the root causes of MSC’s problems and work out solutions to them, he said. “The process will also help improve the technological knowledge of the steel industry and will create added value for the giant steelmaker and those with creative, innovative ideas.”
In the first congress on creating business opportunities for the industry sector, Mobarakeh Steel Company laid out and analyzed the following solutions to the steel industry’s challenges: creating higher added value for iron ore mineral waste at MSC’s Iron Making Plant; producing pre-melted calcium aluminate for the Steelmaking Plant; creating added value for the sludge produced in cold-rolled lines; creating added value for the existing iron oxide at the recycling part of the pickling plant; tin recovery from the tin-plated sheet waste and the sludge produced in the tin-plated lines; and zinc recovery from the slag in the basin of the galvanized steel production line.                   

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