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MSC managers, staffers mark start of school year by donating 10,000 stationery packages to needy students in Isfahan Province

Managers and staff members of Mobarakeh Steel Company have marked the start of the school year and acted in line with their individual and organizational social responsibilities by donating as many as 10,000 stationery packages valued at 3 billion rials to the needy students in Isfahan Province.
In reaction to MSC’s move to prepare cultural packages, Mohammad Mirpoor, who is in charge of the Management Development and Logistics Office of Isfahan Provincial Education Department, praised the determination and endeavors of Mobarakeh Steel Company in helping the needy students over the different years and said, “The assistance by MSC managers and staffers is in line with the Supreme Leader’s remarks that all private and state-run organizations and institutions should come to the help of the Education Ministry,” according to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter.    
He said, “Without a doubt, donations designed to educate and train the Iranian children amount to investment for generations to come”, adding it is a praiseworthy cultural move by MSC to upgrade the knowledge of students across the province in parallel with the company’s efforts to make different kinds of steel products and play a key role in the national economy. 
Isfahan Provincial Education Department has established positive interactions with Mobarakeh Steel Company and has signed multiple agreements with the giant steelmaker, he stated. “On behalf of Isfahan Provincial Education Department, I’d like to express gratitude for all MSC has done in this regard.”
In 41 districts, regions and towns, the provincial Education Department is offering training to as many as 850,000 students in 6,000 educational centers at different grades, he said, adding MSC’s assistance will be given to a population of 32,000 needy students in the province.
Mirpoor called MSC’s assistance as one example of undertaking social responsibilities by industrial complexes and said such charitable assistance will certainly play an instrumental role in improving the quality of education offered to the country’s future builders.  
For his part, Ayaz Esmaeili, who runs MSC’s Human Resources and Organization Department, said Mobarakeh Steel Company has taken similar measures in previous years in line with its social responsibilities. “Managers and staff members of MSC once again rolled up their sleeves and offered as much as 3 billion rials in assistance in the form of 10,000 stationery packages to the Education Department that will distribute them among the needy students in different districts across the province.  
He further said the company has paid 3 billion rials in assistance from its funds dedicated to social contributions and from aid offered by staff members. “Undoubtedly, students of today are the ones who build the future of this country. Mobarakeh Steel Company takes pride in helping these students with their educational goals.” 

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