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MSC managing director praises annual performance of Hormozgan Steel Co.
Managing Director of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) has said he hopes that Hormozgan Steel Company continues to have a stellar performance in line with the objectives of Mobarakeh Steel Group and the overall improvement of the national economy.
Hamidreza Azimian made the comment after he went on an inspection tour of Hormozgan Steel Company. The tour involved a meeting with the managers and staff members of Hormozgan Steel Company, which is a member of Mobarakeh Steel Group.
He also thanked the staff of Hormozgan Steel Company for their contribution to the goals of Mobarakeh Steel Group and said Hormozgan Steel Company is a successful and flexible member of the group. “The growth in this company’s productivity, output, and sales, both to local and foreign buyers, as well as its revenue generation for the national economy are praiseworthy. This warrants proper appreciation of the company as well as of the steely determination of its staff.”
As for the performance of Hormozgan Steel Company in the 12 months to March 20, 2019, he said in the yearlong period Hormozgan Steel Company set new records on different fronts and secured its set goals. ‘The company owes its success to the tireless efforts of its managers, staff members and contractors who care about the growth and progress of Hormozgan Steel Company.”
As for the importance of securing the objectives of the group in the 12 months to March 20, 2020, he said currently Mobarakeh Steel Group accounts for 50 percent of all steel produced in the country. “As part of the 2025 Outlook, steel production in the country is expected to rise to 55 million tons a year. Mobarakeh Steel Group seeks to maintain its 50 percent share of the overall steel production in the country by 2025. No doubt, one of the entities that can help Mobarakeh achieve that goal is Hormozgan Steel Company.”   
He described extensive potential in Hormozgan Province, especially as far as the steel industry is concerned, as a major advantage for industrial development in the southern province and said the company’s location on the Persian Gulf and its proximity to southern ports is an advantage for this valuable steelmaker for exporting steel products.
The MSC chief went on to say, “Given that senior state officials have always underlined measures to boost the country’s export potential, Hormozgan Steel Company can be instrumental in securing the goals of the establishment by increasing non-oil exports and bringing in more and more foreign revenues.”
He appreciated the support lent to the industry by Hormozgan provincial officials and recalled the importance of investment in the southern province. “Without a doubt, expansion of steel industry in Hormozgan Province will create jobs, lead to the emergence of more contractors and result in an economic boom in the region.”
Recalling the high quality of Hormozgan Steel Company’s products, he said Hormozgan Steel Company is a well-known brand both inside and outside the country. “Detailed planning and provision of necessary funding can see the company secure, in the shortest timeframe possible, the 10 million ton capacity the president underlined during his visit to the province.”
He said, “It is my hope that with the cooperation of officials Hormozgan Steel Company’s expansion project becomes operational by late June 2019. The project will amount to a major achievement for the residents of the province and for the overall economy of the nation.”
The MSC managing director urged state officials as well the steel industry and capital market experts to help Mobarakeh Steel Group secure this major objective.
Azimian listed the following as the most important potential achievements of the steel industry expansion in the southern province of Hormozgan: emergence of numerous capable contractors, higher turnover among producers, builders, contractors and service providers, which in turn boosts the authority of the Islamic establishment, creation of job opportunities and social welfare.
In conclusion, he offered congratulations on the arrival of spring to all managers and staff members of Hormozgan Steel Company and their families as well as to provincial officials and people and expressed hope the steel giant could apply more efforts and build on the capability of the country’s talented youth to secure what the nation deserves.
MSC chief meets with families of fallen staff members of Hormozgan Steel Company     
To mark Martyrs Day, the managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Group together with Farzad Arzani, the managing director of Hormozgan Steel Company, met with families of Mobarakeh Steel Group’s staff members who have fallen martyr.
At the meeting, Azimian honored the memory of the martyrs and said the country owes its authority, honor, security and integrity to the blood of martyrs.
He further said all members of society have a duty to take measures to keep the memory of martyrs alive, preserve their sacred cause, appreciate the sacrifice of war veterans and war disabled and keep walking down their path.
By making the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the independence of the country, martyrs have conquered the peaks of humanity, he said, adding we need to view them as our role models on all fronts and spare no effort to preserve revolutionary values.
In the same meeting, the managing director of Hormozgan Steel Company said martyrs are the best role models for all of us.

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