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MSC materializes production, delivery goals by 8% increase in delivery of end products to domestic market
Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) delivered more 5.067 million tons of end products (different types of steel sheets) to local markets in the 11 months to February 19, 2019, posting an eight percent rise over similar period a year ago.
“Despite unjust sanctions, Mobarakeh Steel Company managed to meet local needs for flat steel products. The company’s efforts to meet customer needs stopped the outflow of hard currency and helped improve the employee retention rate in the country,” said MSC’s Chief Marketing Officer Mahmoud Akbari in an interview with Steel Newsletter. 
He further said the company has delivered as much as 3.741 million tons of hot-rolled and pickled products to its customers in the 11-month period, up 11 percent over last year. “In light of customer needs, MSC has increased the volume of thin and hot-rolled products it produces and delivers to customers. Accordingly, production of its hot-rolled products less than 3mm thick has risen 10 percent, hitting the 1.666 million ton mark from the previous 1.516 million tons.”
Akbari said the volume of cold-rolled products has spiked 3 percent this year (1.082 million tons) over 1.048 million tons the company produced and delivered in the eleven month to February 19, 2018. “This year the volume of cold-rolled products the company has delivered to manufacturers of home appliances and barrel-making industries has grown remarkably. Part of MSC’s cold-rolled products has been delivered to the plants which use galvanized and tin-plated steel sheets.”
He went on to say that over 925 customers have received MSC products this year, up 10 percent in terms of number. “The growing volume of products Mobarakeh Steel Company has delivered to domestic consumers has helped sustain production in downstream production units. Unfortunately, despite the emphasis the government has placed on exports by producers of steel products and follow-up measures by Mobarakeh Steel Company, part of steel sheets MSC sends to the local market is exported before turning into end products, something which causes irreparable damage to the country’s employment rate and export of products with added value. Serious measures should be taken to prevent the export of steel products by non-manufacturing companies.”         

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