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MSC power plant injects 170 MW of electricity into national grid

As much as 170 MW of electricity produced in Mobarakeh Steel power plant has been injected into the national grid. 
Abbas Akbari Mohammadi, who is in charge of the energy and fluids unit at Mobarakeh Steel Company, said thanks to the implementation of various projects in different units, MSC has become one of the most successful companies in cutting back on electricity consumption and managing peak demand in Isfahan Province. “The company has worked out detailed plans to cut back on its consumption at peak hours; besides, MSC injects the electricity it has produced in its power plants to the country’s national grid.”
As Iran’s biggest steelmaker, MSC has always given prominence to energy management in order to maintain its competitive edge and carry out its social responsibilities, he said. “MSC has cut by 50 percent electricity consumption along its production lines during the peak hours, and has injected the electricity produced at its 200 MW steam power plant into the national grid to be used by consumers during peak hours. This has also helped reduce the number of power outages in the city.”
He went on to say that implementation of the energy recycling projects is one way to curb energy consumption in steel plants, adding Mobarakeh Steel Company has successfully carried out such projects.
He said a plan to merge the giant steelmaker’s two gas- and steam-powered power plants is in its final stages, adding the plan which is designed to raise efficiency and output will have been inaugurated by the fall.
In this project, the heat that leaves the gas-powered plant is used in the steam power plant, he said. “The implementation of the project together with execution of economical electricity generation projects will see the efficiency of the two power plants increase to 40 percent from 29 to 31 percent. This will take one boiler off the grid, and obviates the need for lighting the boiler.”             
Akbari said the capacity of gas- and steam-powered power plants stands at 100 and 250 MW, respectively, adding cutting back on gas consumption, securing the sustainability of energy production and reducing water consumption are among achievements of this project.
As for other electricity consumption optimization projects, he said repairs along production lines during peak hours, optimization of production processes, updating engines and equipment and removal of parts with high consumption to reduce the electricity used for the production of each ton of steel are among such projects.
The company made improvement in the drives of the hot-rolled steel production lines, optimized the processes in the steelmaking plant and implemented hot charging in the hot-rolling unit so that it can bring down energy consumption levels, he said.
Special consumption is referred to the amount of energy needed to produce one ton of the end product, he said, special consumption at MSC’s Steelmaking Unit hits 8.84 gigajoule per ton.
The official in charge of MSC’s energy and fluids unit further said MSC’s electricity needs at peak hours stands at 1,200 MW. “In light of electricity shortage in the country, the company has done its best to decrease demand in peak hours, and its consumption has reached 600 MW at peak hours.”
The company has worked out plans to reduce electricity consumption by 50 percent during the hours when energy usage peaks by bringing the production lines to prolonged halts in a period between June 5 and September 6 in order to ease strain on the national grid. “The company handles its daily repairs at peak hours. Although it creates problems in the way of production, MSC has tried to reduce energy consumption at the hours when electricity usage peaks.”
In line with undertaking its social responsibilities, he said, Mobarakeh Steel Company has cut in half its electricity consumption during peak hours, and has set the stage for its steam-powered plant to transfer its electricity to the national grid at peak hours.
Akbari said injection by MSC of electricity into the national grid has been under way since mid-June, adding the process will go ahead as long as the national grid needs electricity injection.
As for the company’s future energy plans, he said that MSC will develop its electricity generation in renewable and non-renewable energy sectors, adding Mobarakeh Steel Company is planning to construct a 10 MW solar power plant on the company premises. He said a project to build a combined cycle mega power plant is also under study in the company.

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