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MSC reaches gold level of EFQM Global Excellence Index

Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) has been named a Gold Leading Organization for Excellence in the Manufacturing Sector based on the EFQM Global Excellence Index [which recognizes world’s best performing organizations on their journey to sustainable excellence].
Following the EFQM-Recognized-for-Excellence assessments, Mobarakeh Steel Company advanced to the gold level of the EFQM Global Excellence Index by securing more than 600 points.
In reaction to this achievement, the first in the country, the MSC managing director said for organizations to have a successful presence in today’s competitive, hectic business atmosphere it is imperative to walk down the path to growth, dynamism and excellence. “As the leading company in the steel industry, Mobarakeh Steel Company constantly feels committed to striving toward excellence so that it can create common values for its stakeholders.”    
Hamidreza Azimian further said MSC’s breakthroughs at home and abroad, including its recent achievement – becoming a gold level organization based on the Global Excellence Index of the EFQM, which is a reliable international management institution – bears testimony to the commitment of MSC’s staff and its march toward excellence. “I congratulate all hardworking staff members who have put in energy and perseverance to make quality, cost-effective products. We need to bear in mind that staff cooperation and contribution is instrumental to acceleration of the company’s pace on the road to organizational excellence and growth at this critical juncture.”
Meanwhile, Dr. Bahram Sobhani, the head of Iran’s Steel Producers Association and former MSC managing director, thanked staff members at MSC for their performance which is based on new management approaches and said Mobarakeh Steel Company owes its success to staff contribution and organizational attachment.
Dr. Sobhani made the remark after receiving MSC’s golden trophy in an annual EFQM conference in Vienna, Austria. He further said the EFQM’s quality management model which is the fruit of managerial experiences from around the world is a good model for handling effective management in enterprises across the country. He expressed hope that the country’s economic sectors, the steel industry in particular, will pay special attention to new management approaches.
MSC managed to achieve stated objectives thanks to proper strategies, measures        
Manouchehr Nikfar, who is in charge of MSC’s Technology Department, congratulated MSC management and staff on the company’s new achievement and said it was MSC’s second presence in the EFQM assessment process, adding the company managed to gain 50 points more than its previous score in the first assessment process and reached the gold level of the European foundation’s Global Excellence Index.
He credited growing indexes and results in all areas including customers, staff and society as well as improving indexes of profitability, quality and production for this achievement and said, “Despite facing different challenges such as limited water resources, the need for designing special products and diversification of its basket of products, Mobarakeh Steel Company successfully achieved its stated objectives and produced favorable results by adopting proper strategies and measures.”
He then expressed hope that the company’s march can gather pace thanks to the tireless efforts of staff members as well as the prudence of management. He also said MSC is hoped to be a leading company and a role model for other industries in the country in terms of organizational excellence.
From start, MSC management has paid special attention to establishment of management systems, models              
MSC’s official in charge of Quality Assurance and Organizational Excellence Mohammad Nazemi Harandi said EFQM model which was designed in 1988 on the back of the valuable experiences of 14 European companies such as Volkswagen, Philips and Bosch, is one of the most reliable management models in the world.     
Since 1992 when the EFQM model was employed to assess more than 1,100 mostly companies, only 54 companies have scored more than 600 points and joined the list of the Gold level organizations based on the EFQM Global Excellence Index. “Platinum is the highest level in this assessment process and only 10 companies like Siemens, BMW, and Bosch have reached that level, which requires over 700 points.” 
From start, MSC management has paid special attention to the establishment of management systems and models and has always tried to help MSC undergo multiple audits and assessments so that the company’s upgrade areas can be identified.       
He thanked all staff members who participated in the assessment process and said the previous edition of the EFQM assessment saw MSC identify and implement over 20 upgrade projects on different fronts based on feedback reports. He expressed hope that staff members could stick to continuous upgrade which is credited as an organizational [common] value.            
For his part, head of the managerial systems and excellence department at MSC Shojaee said the EFQM assessment process comes in two stages: formulation of statements and visiting sites. “In the first stage, companies should present their approaches and results based on the EFQM model and in the form of a managerial document. Later the assessment team chosen by the secretariat of the EFQM Award handles the initial assessment. This is followed by a visit by the assessment team to the site of the company during which assessors interview managers at different echelons of the company from the managing director on down to managers at the operational levels and assess the company in question. Finally the company is given the feedback report and its score.”
In this year’s assessment process, it took five assessors from the Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, Austria and Spain four days (over 30 sessions) to assess Mobarakeh Steel Company, he said, adding about 130 MSC members participated in the assessment. “The assessment resulted in a breakthrough for MSC. The company reached the Gold level of the EFQM Global Excellence Index.”
He credited concerted teamwork between all MSC units and their participation in the assessment process for the breakthrough and appreciated all staff members who played an active, effective role in the assessment process.

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