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MSC staffers make big achievement by setting new records in production units
Members of staff at Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) fared brilliantly in the 31 days to April 20, 2018 and registered the first month of the Iranian calendar as the proudest month in the company’s history.
MSC’s Chief Operating Officer Mokhtar Bakhshian said the company has set new records in its production lines. “Thanks to strong faith in the company’s managerial strategies and goals, the hardworking staff of the company once again displayed proud scenes of tireless efforts, perseverance, close cooperation and a spirit of teamwork by breaking the company’s previous records in different units and plants.”
He pointed to the stellar performance of different plants at the company and said production of sponge iron stood at 685,137 tons and the slabs the Steelmaking and Continuous Casting Plant produced rose to 615,300 tons in the 31 days to April 20, 2018.
In the same period, the company produced as much as 496,556 tons of hot-rolled coils, he said, adding Saba Steel Complex’s production of hot-rolled coils exceeded 100,000 tons. “These achievements add new golden chapters to the book of Mobarakeh Steel Company’s breakthroughs.”
The official then praised managers, members of staff and contractors in different parts of the company for their endeavors and close cooperation which resulted in these achievements.
He went on to say the fact that the company has managed to cut water extraction by 25 percent and water consumption by 10 percent despite its soaring production in all production lines gives added weight to MSC’s remarkable achievements. “This is a big achievement in current circumstances and amounts to yet another breakthrough for Mobarakeh Steel Company.”  
The company’s success in slashing water withdrawal and consumption has come on the back of investment and reforms last year and the year before to optimize the use of water resources. “Luckily, these plans have come to fruition or will bear fruit in the future thanks to the management’s prudence and far-sightedness as well as tireless endeavors of staff.”    
As for MSC’s investment in a project to collect urban wastewater in Lenjan and Mobarakeh and recycle it in the company’s production process, Bakhshian said, “If the first phase of the project is put into effect in the first half of this year (six months to September 22, 2018), the company will be able to cut down water extraction by around 400 cubic meters, or an additional 15 percent.”
In conclusion, he thanked all managers, members of staff, contractors and suppliers for their selfless efforts and expressed hope their endeavors will pave the way for the company to achieve its annual goals.

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