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MSC, top company in mental maturity, agility, innovation, consistency

The managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) has said that assessment brings with itself opportunities to identify threats and opportunities.
Hamidreza Azimian made the remark in an assessment session of the 16th edition of Iran National Quality Award which was held on MSC premises on October 8-10. He said, “Currently MSC is sitting pretty in terms of growth. It has gone beyond a simply profitable industrial institute to enjoy even more maturity at a national level and undertake a number of social and environmental responsibilities.”
He compared his company with reliable international firms and said, “Today giant economic enterprises undertake multiple social responsibilities. For instance, Microsoft Corporation covers the costs associated with the treatment of children with cancer and its customers expect the multinational technology company to produce products and applications which can help it undertake such a responsibility. Naturally such charitable acts can considerably win customer satisfaction.”
Azimian went on to say that MSC has focused its attention on various stakeholders. “We’re going to great lengths to preserve the capital of the stakeholders and offer them dividends in due time. We also meet the expectations of the government which is one of our stakeholders. We have expanded our horizon and gone beyond this stage. The company is taking part in environment projects, in efforts to tackle water shortage in Isfahan Province and in a project to complete Naghsh-e Jahan Stadium which will render services to a large number of youth.”
What’s been done shows MSC is an institute which has gone beyond mere profitability and production and now enjoys mental maturity and agility, something which brings honor for the country, he said.
Stressing the need for agility and dynamism in excellent organizations, he said Mobarakeh Steel Company is a leading agile company, an edge which is hard to maintain. “The problem with giant organizations is that they lose agility due to their size. We need to do what it takes to remain an agile organization as far as policymaking, decision making and execution are concerned.”
Azimian emphasized the need for round-the-clock efforts in his company and said, “We have all seen agile organizations throughout the world which are active 24/7. We at MSC too should act round-the-clock to set an example in Iran.”
Innovation is a must for the company if it seeks out to forge ahead with its activities, he said. “Learning and training are key issues in running an organization, so we have to beef up training processes in our organization.”
As for excellence in a company with various stakeholders, the MSC chief said, “We need to try hard to pay constant, balanced attention to the stakeholders. I’ve always recommended that we act professionally when it comes to displaying our achievements. If taken into consideration, this will help bolster the excellence of the culture of entrepreneurship in the country.”
It is highly important for the company to coordinate decisions made in different units from top to bottom, he said, adding a cascade method is needed to achieve organizational goals. “Cascading shows the conveyance of decisions and coordination from top to bottom, as far as those decisions are concerned. This will shore up organizational consistency and will see decisions communicated to all intra-organizational units in a proper and precise manner.”
Azimian then described the Basij Force as a perfect symbol of systematic organization in the country and said, “Complete consistency and [efficient] organization is evident in Basij Force. A decision made in its Commanding Council or by the command hierarchy is echoed in Basij bases even in remote areas. This is highly valuable that people at different echelons of the force are oriented completely and quickly. Basij-like synergy and organization will help Mobarakeh Steel Company evolve down the line.”
For his part, Mehdi Naghavi, who leads the Technology Department at MSC, said that MSC’s balanced results in areas involving the stakeholders have come on the back of formulating appropriate plans and strategies and contribution by the staff members to the implementation of various process improvement projects.          
Later, Dr. Zakerzadeh, the lead auditor, presented a report on the assessment process.
In the previous edition of the award, Mobarakeh Steel Company which garnered the highest scores was granted a silver trophy for its tin-plated products. The final results of the 16th edition of Iran National Quality Award will be out on November 9. MSC is expected to achieve good results in the 16th edition of the assessment process.
The annual assessment award has been held under the auspices of the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran and the National Quality Society of Iran in the form of a product-driven project. 
Mobarakeh Steel Company’s tin-plated product was assessed for the second consecutive year in this edition of the award. The assessment process kicked off in April 2019 when working groups were formed to formulate self-reporting in different units such as leadership and strategy, production, staff support, finance, supply, sales and marketing, society and social responsibility, technology and IT. More than 120 members of staff contributed to the assessment process.
Following the self-assessment and identification of as many as 85 process improvement projects, five auditors from the National Quality Society of Iran inspected the company’s production lines.

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