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MSC transport fleet used to send popular aid to flood-stricken areas in Lorestan Province
After heavy floods hit Golestan and Lorestan provinces, managers and staff members of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) joined people from across the country and dispatched aid, cash and in kind, to the stricken areas in the northeast and west of the country.
Iraj Torabi, who is in charge of MSC’s Public Relations Department, said for the giant steelmaker, efforts to undertake social responsibility are front and center. “MSC managers and staffers stood, and will stand, by the stricken people when natural disasters hit. Following the heavy floods in Golestan Province, managers and personnel in the company filled out forms provided by the HR Department and dedicated part of their income (one day worth of salary) to the flood-stricken people.”      
Torabi further said the proceeds of ticket sales of a fixture between Sepahan F.C. and Zob Ahan Isfahan S.C. in week 19 of the Persian Gulf Pro League as well as the revenues of an additional 500 ticket sales will be allocated by the MSC chief and his deputies to the victims of the flood-hit areas in Golestan Province.
Following flooding in Lorestan Province, he said, the director general of Isfahan Provincial Crisis Management Department called on MSC to step in and help people in the stricken areas. “Accordingly, Mobarakeh Steel Company joined hands with officials in the province and allowed them to use its heavy transport fleet to transfer popular aid to Lorestan Province. This was yet another step by MSC toward bringing dignity to Isfahan Province which is always at the ready to assist.”
The Public Relations chief said MSC cooperated with the province’s Crisis Management Department and rushed to the help of the flood-stricken victims by dedicating 20 container trailers and side wall trailers to transfer as many as 6,000 relief tents from Kashan and 3,000 blankets from other cities in Isfahan Province to flood-stricken Lorestan Province.
In conclusion, Torabi expressed hope that the stage will be set for the flood-stricken people to return home and pick up the pieces on the back of tireless efforts by the government and other state agencies as well as contribution of Iranian people who express sympathy with the victims when natural disasters strike part of the country and act as different parts of one body.

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