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Managing director: MSC performed very well last year on production, profitability fronts
The managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) said that his company performed successfully in the year to March 20, 2019 as far as production and profitability were concerned.
Hamidreza Azimian told a gathering of MSC managers and personnel that the company needs to follow the example of Imam Ali in the current economic conditions in order to be able to overcome the existing problems.
He thanked the company’s management and staff for their efforts over the course of last year and said Mobarakeh Steel Company achieved its goals in almost all its plants and units in the 12-month period.
The MSC managing director presented a performance report on different units of the company and said, “Thanks to staff efforts, the Pelletizing Unit could produce7.46 million tons of pellets last year, up two percent over a year earlier. MSC and Saba Steel Complex produced 6.365 million tons of hot-rolled coils in the 12-month period, more than the expected target of 6.3 million tons. As for the annual target for the cold-rolled products which was expected to be 1.495 million tons, the company produced 1.555 million tons of products last year thanks to collective efforts of its personnel.”          
He further said that the company was expected to produce 279,000 tons of different kinds of coated products, but it managed to raise the actual figure to 293,000 tons by yearend.
The MSC chief went on to say that for all restrictions, the personnel at the Direct Reduction, Steelmaking and Continuous Casting Units managed to produce sponge iron for electric arc furnaces and slabs for the Hot-Rolling Unit.
He then said the following are among his company’s main achievements in the year to mid-March 2019: raising human productivity; producing nine new grades of steel; designing, building and launching a hydraulic looper for F4 mill stands at the Hot-Rolling Unit; launching a system to collect and transfer urban wastewater; inaugurating under-ceiling expansion projects at Saba Steel Complex; setting a new record of delivering 5.8 million tons of products on the local market; partnering with strategic investment companies such as Mine and Metal Development Investment Company to increase their capital; increasing the corporate capital from 7.5 trillion tomans to 13 trillion tomans; paying 179.1 billion tomans in overdue dividends to shareholders; securing the Gold Award of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM); winning Iran’s National Quality Award; getting the golden trophy of the Consumer Rights Protection Award for the fourth year in a row; obtaining Iran Award for Management of Innovation and Technology for the first time in the country; ranking first among Iranian companies when it came to base metals in IMI-100 rating; finishing second in terms of the highest added value in the country; and setting new records of cutting water consumption despite a three-fold increase in production capacity.
As for the last achievement, he said last year the company reduced water consumption along its production lines to 2.4 cubic meters per ton from a previous 7.2 cubic meters per ton in 2012, adding this achievement can set an example for the company’s domestic and global rivals.
He praised MSC’s stability as yet another achievement of the company last year and said, “Building on the perseverance and contributions of staff members, we tried to help the company walk down the path to growth and profitability despite challenges standing in the way.”
The MSC managing director said the company’s motto for the year to March 20, 2020 is sustainable, safe and economical production and added, “Luckily our staffers are very familiar with these concepts and know what steps they should take to materialize this motto.”
Azimian said this year MSC plans to concentrate on provision of raw materials and graphite electrodes and on proper management of energy consumption. “On the back of talks we’ve held with related officials and thanks to perseverance and contributions of staff members, we are trying to take the kind of measures which prevent the creation of obstacles in the way of the company’s production and profitability.”       
He praised efforts and contributions of the company’s management and personnel for MSC’s achievements in the year to mid-March 2019 and said, “No doubt, everybody in the company played a role in gaining such achievements, including the staff members, retired personnel and all those who are not with us, for one reason or another.”
The MSC chief underlined the importance of growing support for domestic production and said, “As I’ve mentioned before, Mobarakeh Steel Company is determined to indigenize, with the help of local manufacturers, a greater portion of the equipment the steel industry needs.”
He further said MSC’s Outlook Plan for 2019-2021 envisions the following strategies: sustainable profitability in parallel with maintaining the sales levels of products, especially the specially- designed products; management of investment portfolios; revenue growth; raising productivity with a focus on management of costs and cost price; and efficient management of assets.
The macro-plan, he said, also takes into account the following measures in order to secure customer satisfaction: offering products at competitive prices and payment methods; offering sustainable, quality products; providing products in a sustainable fashion; boosting timely delivery of products; and developing the basket of products.
In conclusion, Azimian said, “Without a doubt, the company can have stellar achievements if the staffers hold firm beliefs in what they’re doing and in espousing organizational attachment. That’s why I call on all my colleagues to take steps toward serving the country and materializing the corporate goals perseveringly and steadfastly.”

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