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Mobarake Steel Company (MSC) won the first Iranian silver statue of quality

In the 16th Iranian Quality Award ceremony, held at the same time as Quality Day at the conference room of Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, the judges gave the first and the only silver statue of quality to MSC.
At a press conference and after receiving this award, Mr Azimian, Eng., CEO of MSC, pointed out the progressive processes of MSC in manufacturing and improving the quality of its products and improving the operational indicators of tin-plated product, in particular, adding "before the Revolution, Iran used to produce less than 1 million tons of structural steel and therefore imported steel. Afterwards, MSC, which was a by-product of the Revolution, began to produce numerous flat steel products. And in a short period of time, it managed to empower the country, which was a mere importer, so much that, over the years, it exported a considerable amount of its quality products to several countries, especially European ones."
Explaining the manufacturing and installation process at MSC, he added "building the biggest steel manufacturer in the Middle East began at the 80s aiming at manufacturing quality products and benefiting from the latest knowledge and technology in the world. Afterwards, arrangements were made for 1800 people to be trained at European manufacturing companies and transfer the systems and technical knowledge for complete operationalisation.
He said the second stage regarding quality at MSC (the 90s) was taken at the same time as operationalizing different units in steel manufacturing, hot rolling, and cold rolling areas, adding "with the efforts of executives and staff, MSC reached a nominal power of 2.5 million tons. Afterwards, manufacturing quality products focusing on 'quality control and guarantee' and also abiding by quality management standards (ISO) at the company were institutionalised.
The CEO of MSC explained about the third stage regarding quality (2000s, 2010s): "in this stage, the following has been accomplished: developing and increasing manufacturing capacity; completing the production chain and manufacturing new products (coated plates, including tin-plated ones); broadening the portfolio based on the customers' new needs; local manufacturing of parts, equipment, substances, and software; geographical extension of MSC and reaching a capacity of 10.3 million tons a year; implementing total quality management (TQM) and organisational excellence (EFQM) at the company.
Mr Azimian described the future path and the fourth stage regarding quality at MSC: "at this stage, our goals include increasing innovation and localisation by benefiting from and supporting start-ups and knowledge-based companies, achieving the technology required for building and operating steel factories, extending the attitude towards quality to 'providing sustainable quality for all the stakeholders and creating value for the contemporary and future generations', and manufacturing an entire steel portfolio at a capacity of 25 million tons comprising 50% of the whole manufacturing in the country in order to continue to create value for the country and the stakeholders as a profitable firm  and maintain our share in manufacturing and economic prosperity of the country.
At the end, he contributed this huge achievement to the entire staff members' efforts: "without any doubt, it was all the staff members' dedication to quality improvement as well as quantity improvement that led to this achievement".

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