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Mobarakeh Steel Group accounts for over 43% of Iran’s sponge iron production
The subsidiaries of IMIDRO produced an overall 24 million tons of sponge iron in the year to March 20, 2019.
Mobarakeh Steel Group – comprising Mobarakeh Steel Company, Hormozgan Steel Company, Saba Steel Complex, and Sefid Dasht Steel Company of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari – accounted for more than 43 percent (10.56 million tons) of the total sponge iron production.     
Mokhtar Bakhshian, the Chief Operating Officer at MSC, broke down the figures and said that in the 12-month period the Direct Reduction Units No. 1 and 2 of Mobarakeh Steel Company produced 7.015 million tons, Hormozgan Steel Company produced more than 1.691 million tons, with Saba Steel Complex and Sefid Dasht Steel Company producing 1.251 million tons and over 554,000 tons, respectively.   
In light of the fact that steel plays an instrumental role in the national economy, Mobarakeh Steel Company and Saba Steel Complex have put on their agenda plans to produce 7.050 million tons of different kinds of steel products this year (which ends on March 20, 2020), he said, adding the production target this year will post 4.6 percent growth over last year.
He went on to say that the two companies also plan to produce 6.5 million tons of hot-rolled coils this year, up 2 percent over that of last year. “MSC has worked out plans to register a two percent increase in this year’s production target (1.580 million tons) of cold-rolled and coated products over last year’s.”
Bakhshian said the senior management and staff members of Mobarakeh Steel Company are determined to materialize the guidelines of the Supreme Leader about a production boost and achieve the stated corporate objectives just like previous years.   

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