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Mobarakeh Steel Group successful in assessment process of Organizational Excellence Award

As a leading company when it comes to organizational excellence, ever since its launch, Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) has paid special attention to employment of management systems and adoption of excellence-driven approaches by copying global best practices, said Farzad Arzani, MSC’s Chief Technology Officer.
As a world-class company, MSC – the first and only company which has secured the golden statuette of the Organizational Excellence Award in 1391 (March 21, 2012 – March 20, 2013) and 1393 (March 21, 2014 – March 20, 2015) – has a mission to play a pivotal role in Iran’s industrial, economic and social development drive and upgrade the technological level of the steel industry in the country, he added.
To that end, MSC has given top priority to managing and steering [organizational] excellence in Mobarakeh Steel Group, he said, adding MSC seeks to share its experience with and present an organizational excellence roadmap to these companies to bring them on board as it walks down the path of growth, progress and excellence.     
Arzani further said, “In early 2016, a workgroup, which brought together a host of experienced managers and experts, was charged with steering excellence. The workgroup helped 12 companies and facilitated their entry into the assessment process of the Organizational Excellence Award. After receiving the necessary training, self-assessment and formulation of their statements, these companies were evaluated by the assessors of the [National] Organizational Excellence Award.”     
As for the results of the assessment, he said thanks to tireless efforts by Mobarakeh Steel Group, three companies, namely, Kashan Amir Kabir Steel Company, Tuka Transportation Company and Iron & Steel Company of SaniKave Tehran, were granted a two-star accolade.
“Asia Seir Aras Company, Tuka Paint Foolad Sepahan Company, Mobarakeh Steel Sheet Shearing Industries Company, Behsazan-e Sanaye’e Khavar-e Miyaneh Company [Improvers of the Middle East Industries], International Systems Engineering & Automation Company (IRISA), Hormozgan Steel Co. (HOSCO), Foolad Sang Mining and Industrial Company, Mobarakeh Steel Engineering Company (MSE) and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Automotive Sheets Company were given the Commitment to Excellence certificates [by the Iranian National Productivity and Excellence Award],” he added.    

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