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New managing director: Mobarakeh Steel Company’s plans to be implemented more forcefully

Mobarakeh representative in the Islamic Consultative Assembly Zahra Saeedi appreciated the efforts and contributions of Dr. Bahram Sobhani to Mobarakeh Steel Company and told the attendees, “Today we are honoring one of the professional managers of the steel industry, a manager who has shone brilliantly as far as the growth of the steel industry and attention to social responsibilities are concerned. Building on his outstanding track record, Dr. Sobhani did his best to rev up the engine of the steel industry and help Iran’s steel industry hold its head high on the world stage.”  
She further said Mobarakeh takes pride in hosting Mobarakeh Steel Company. “On the back of cooperation between officials in Isfahan Province, Mobarakeh in particular, all of us will do our outmost to help Mobarakeh Steel go ahead with its economic activities proudly and successfully.”
Officials are trusted with their responsibility, she said. “Those officials who leave behind a good name and a prosperous organization, when leaving office, are the best. During his tenure in Mobarakeh Steel Company, Dr. Sobhani managed to elevate the position of the company and undertake social responsibilities in the best way possible. Among other things, his contributions to road safety projects, addicts at rehab centers, and those subjected to social harms, and his active participation in fund raising ceremonies organized to help release those who are behind bars for unpremeditated crimes, as well as dispatching assistance to the quake-stricken areas and lending financial support to needy students across the province are a few examples of his brilliant actions at MSC.”
Saeedi went on to say that assumption of responsibility by officeholders at a time when economic warfare is being waged against the country amounts to sacrifice. “New MSC Managing Director Mr. Azimian has already made his presence felt in the steel industry. We hope Mobarakeh Steel Company can build on close cooperation between its management and staff members to continue its stellar performance on domestic and international fronts.”
Dr. Sobhani: I did what I did in all sincerity to make MSC and Iran proud  
Dr. Bahram Sobhani, the former MSC chief, addressed the ceremony and described his presence at MSC as an opportunity to transfer his experience in the steel industry and serve the public.
He presented a report on Mobarakeh Steel Company’s achievements in recent years and said, “Since I took office at MSC (in the six months to late March 2014), I did what I did selflessly to promote the stature of Mobarakeh Steel Group and the Islamic Republic of Iran.”
He further said, “MSC’s achievements, especially over the past five years, have come on the back of efforts by experienced staff members. As managing director, I only offered them the opportunities to make the most of their talents. It bore fruit and MSC met expectations and materialized its goals.”
He said, “Since I took office, like in the past, the crude steel production at MSC has displayed an upward trend. The production capacity of Mobarakeh Steel Group hovered around 7 million tons five years ago, and today the Group plans to raise it to 9.45 million tons by yearend (late March 2019). The Group’s remarkable performance in the first half of the current year (the six months to September 22) shows that it will have realized its stated objectives by yearend.”
Dr. Sobhani highlighted the special attention Mobarakeh Steel Group has given to production of special steel sheets and products in recent years. “In light of the fact that the private sector has embarked on production of hot-rolled steel sheets, Mobarakeh Steel decided to offer a helping hand to the private sector in this regard. Thanks to the technical expertise Mobarakeh Steel Company has developed, we focused our efforts mainly on production of special quality sheets and set the stage for production of sheets which come with higher added value and cut the country’s dependence on imports of steel sheets. MSC’s decision paid off. By late March 2018, Mobarakeh Steel produced more than 61 types of quality products which meet the domestic need and can be exported to European markets.”
As the company walked down the path to development and diversification of its products, he said, the management tried to focus on human resources and pay them the attention they deserved. “Fortunately, surveys point to growing employee satisfaction in recent years.”     
The former MSC chief said the declining workplace accidents is yet another achievement of Mobarakeh Steel in recent years and added MSC fares better than global steel giants when it comes to workplace accidents. “We emphasized that every accident is one too many. I hope the persistence of the current trend can lead to a day in which the number of accidents in Mobarakeh Steel stays at zero.”
Mobarakeh Steel went out of its way to increase the efficacy of its human resources, he said. “We tried to increase the workforce’s share of production without having to lay off employees.”
The roadmap the company has charted is another plus, Dr. Sobhani said. “Under this roadmap, MSC is determined to keep pace with the development of the national steel industry as it carries out its expansion projects to maintain its 50-percent share of steel production in the country. Luckily, MSC has to date managed to make it a reality.”
He went on to say that the company’s policy on capital increase was one of the most effective steps toward development and progress of Mobarakeh Steel Company. “MSC’s capital increase has provided the required finances for implementation of expansion projects one after another. The company has managed to meet the domestic need by the products it has produced thanks to the expansion projects, export its products and generate substantial annual profits for its shareholders and stakeholders alike. With as much as 7.5 trillion tomans in registered capital, Mobarakeh Steel is now one of the biggest listed companies. Given its imminent capital increase, MSC will once again top the list of listed companies in the country.”
Mobarakeh Steel has never overlooked expansion projects, Dr. Sobhani stated. “Due to the company’s approach toward expansion projects, as much as 7.3 trillion tomans in finances has been invested over the past five years in Mobarakeh Steel Group’s projects such as the expansion projects in Mobarakeh Steel Company, Hormozgan Steel Company, Saba Steel Complex, Sangan Mining Industries Co., construction of a graphite electrode production plant in Ardakan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Automotive Sheets Company, Sefid Dasht Steel Complex, and establishment of a sewage network to collect urban wastewater in Lenjan and Mobarakeh. All these projects have helped the Group create more jobs for Iranian youth and improve the social welfare index.”
Over the years, even when economic times turned tough, MSC shareholders have always benefited from its stocks, the former MSC managing director said, adding in the first half of this year, MSC’s stocks posted 92 percent profits.
MSC also fared well in reducing water consumption, he said, “Currently, the company consumes 2.7 liters of water for production of each kilogram of steel, but initial plans had estimated withdrawal of as much as 40 million cubic meters of water for production of 2.4 million tons of steel. Fortunately the company has remarkably raised efficiency on the water front by implementing various projects including a water recycling project in the production cycle. Today the company needs less than 20 million cubic meters of water to produce more than 7 million tons of steel. MSC’s breakthrough in cutting water consumption by more than 80 percent has turned into an excellent global model.”        
MSC’s active participation in efforts to conduct its social responsibilities at regional and national levels is an upside for the company. “MSC has paid special attention to its social responsibilities in line with measures to boost production and drive development. To undertake its social responsibilities, the giant steelmaker has contributed to the following projects: completion of Naghsh-e- Jahan Stadium, construction of the Grand Mosalla [prayer ground] of Isfahan, launch of the Relief and Rescue Center of the Red Crescent Society in Mobarakeh Grade-Separated Junction, fund-raising ceremonies to help secure the release of inmates who’ve been convicted of unintentional crimes, construction of Isfahan Western Bypass Freeway, construction of Isfahan’s Holy Defense Museum and a religious site in Mobarakeh, shipment of aid to quake-stricken victims in western Iran, construction of a third of a series of tunnels in Kuhrang, conclusion of a contract with the Energy Ministry to revive the dying Zayandehrud River, and transfer of 200 million cubic meters of treated drinking water from the Persian Gulf to Isfahan Province.”
He said Mobarakeh Steel Company is the tenth steelmaker in the rankings of the World Steel Association, adding MSC has made a couple of international breakthroughs. “In recent weeks MSC managed to secure a top score (higher than 600) in the EFQM assessment process, qualify for the golden trophy (the Global Excellence Award) and become on a par with world-class companies such as Mercedes-Benz and Siemens. Earlier MSC climbed to the 11th spot in the assessment process of the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (2017 Asian MAKE) Award in addition to other titles it was awarded on the national and international stage.”
In conclusion, Dr. Sobhani wished his successor all the best and thanked the company’s staff, officials in Mobarakeh and the entire Isfahan Province, MPs, officials with the Ministry of Industries, Mines and Trade, IMIDRO, MSC’s contractors, and his own family as well as all institutions which helped Mobarakeh Steel Company over the past five years. He expressed hope Mobarakeh Steel Company can maintain its status as a source of honor and dignity for Iran and the Islamic establishment.
Official thanks Dr. Sobhani for tireless efforts on behalf of Industry Minister            
In the same ceremony, Deputy Industry Minister Mehdi Karbasian underscored the role of management in running businesses and helping companies make progress and the role of cooperation between boards of directors, managers and staff members on one side and managing directors on the other and said, “In his years at Mobarakeh Steel Company, Dr. Sobhani has taken proper measures on different fronts which all deserve praise and gratitude. He has left his mark on efforts to develop the steel industry, complete the steel chain, boost exports, improve the efficacy of human resources and undertake social responsibilities.”
He then thanked Mr. Azimian for assuming the stewardship of Mobarakeh Steel Company and expressed hope all MSC deputies, managers and staff members continue their cooperation with the new managing director so that the company can make further breakthroughs down the line and bring prosperity for the country.
He further said that the steel industry is a key factor in progress and development in the world, adding in Iran Mobarakeh Steel Company has constantly played an instrumental role to that end. “The steel industry accounts for 43 percent of the overall global trade which stands at $2 trillion. Over the past six months different sections of the mining sector have posted production growth, including concentrates (17 percent), pellets (38 percent), sponge iron (19 percent), and steel ingots (14 percent) as well as substantial growth in the production and export of hot- and cold-rolled products.         
Mr. Karbasian expressed hope the steel industry can meet its production target of 55 million tons by 2025 through the tireless efforts of all steelmakers in the country.
New managing director: MSC should pursue its production, development plans vigorously and energetically
Later in the ceremony, new MSC Managing Director Hamidreza Azimian voiced satisfaction with his presence in Mobarakeh Steel Company and the opportunity he’s been given to serve in the country’s steel industry. He said he’s grateful for the opportunity and expressed hope he can seize the opportunity and show the stakeholders they have not misplaced their trust in him.
“Drawing on my managerial experience achieved as a result of holding different positions over the years, I am here – backed by the knowhow, enthusiasm and contribution of all MSC members – to give momentum to Mobarakeh Steel Company’s activities and help materialize its long-term goals. I am here to help MSC realize the policies of the Resistance-based Economy in line with the guidelines of the Supreme Leader.   
“I hope we can work closely together in a high-spirited environment full of satisfaction and exuberance to conquer the summits of economic development and help the country hold its head high on the world stage.”  
He further said the growth and prosperity of Mobarakeh Steel has come on the back of support and cooperation of all officials since the launch of the company and efforts of its managing directors and staff members over the years. “To take up where my predecessor left off, I hope I can help improve the international stature of the company as a result of redoubled efforts and close cooperation of my colleagues at MSC.”
He went on to underline the importance of human resources in organizations and said the company gives top priority to efforts to boost human resources, their safety and well-being and takes into account their workplace and bread-and-butter issues, and expressed hope we can tap into the close, conscientious cooperation of all staff to finalize the ongoing and future projects of the company one after another. We need to bear in mind that nothing can stop the work from progressing. The company’s plans for production and development should be pursued more vigorously and energetically.
In conclusion, the managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company thanked all the attendees and said, “All state officials as well as the company’s managers and personnel and generally all those who are involved in Mobarakeh Steel Company, one way or another, are expected to appreciate the value of the steel industry and its notable achievements

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