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Plans to build pilot plants on MSC’s agenda

First a report was presented on the company’s performance and safety status in recent months. Later the MSC chief thanked staff members and those in charge of safety and said, “As I’ve already stressed, even one single accident would be very harmful and too much to bear for Mobarakeh Steel Company. “That’s why we need to meticulously study near misses and identify the root causes of minor accidents so that we can prevent bigger ones.”
The session then listened to a report on the quality of products. Azimian highlighted the importance of quality and said, “Undoubtedly the top quality of raw materials will leave an undeniable impact on the quality of end products. That’s why we should help the company improve the quality of its products by taping the potential of skilled experts and running careful checks [on the production process].”                   
Later, heads of iron making, steelmaking, hot rolling and cold rolling plants presented separate reports on production over the past four months. That was followed by the MSC managing director saying the company should develop its production of special products. “Research teams should formulate written plans for special products. In cooperation with manufacturing units, they should set the stage for production of new products, when necessary, to provide everything customers place orders for. They need to help different units in the company shore up sustainable production earnestly and steadfastly.”        
A pilot unit should be created to produce new products in some plants, he said. “The iron making plant houses a pilot unit. We need to carefully study plans and move toward having pilot units smaller than main production lines. We should produce new products in these smaller units by using less raw materials, workforce and time and gather information on the advantages and disadvantages of producing such new products. If this happens, we can make decisions to produce more cost-effective products and make lesser errors in the production process.”
The supply of iron ore and inventory of concentrates, pellets and sponge iron were other issues which were brought up in the session. Afterwards, Azimian said thanks to follow-up efforts and good cooperation of state officials, the problem of supplying iron ore for steelmakers in the country will soon become a thing of the past.
In order to maximally complete steel production chain, Mobarakeh Steel Company should be connected to the mines, he said. “We need to piece together long-term, early-yielding, meticulous and formulated plans for this unavoidable project.”  
In conclusion, the managing director of the giant steelmaker said, “Although Mobarakeh Steel Company is based in Isfahan, we should not forget that MSC – a giant industrial achievement the country made at wartime when Iran gave top priority to producing steel sheets and reducing imports – is a national asset. That’s why state officials and people should stay clear of regional and ethnic approaches and work wholeheartedly to maintain and improve the giant steelmaker.” 

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