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Producers, including MSC, shoulder heavy responsibility for boosting production
In the first working days of the Iranian New Year, Managing Director of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) Hamidreza Azimian separately met with Ayatollah Yusef Tabatabeinejad, the Supreme Leader’s representative in Isfahan Province and the Friday prayer leader of Isfahan, and Mousavi, the Friday prayer leader of Mobarakeh.  
In the meetings, the MSC managing director presented a report on his company’s achievements  – over the year-ago period – when it came to production of different steel products and MSC’s measures on social responsibility front as well as the giant steelmaker’s plans this year, according to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter.
For his part, Isfahan’s Friday prayer leader said the strategy of boosting production underscored by the Supreme Leader is the key to solving the country’s economic woes.
He highlighted MSC’s economic and societal role and said any step taken toward restoring the dignity of the Islamic Republic and improving the economic situation and people’s subsistence will undoubtedly earn divine satisfaction.
In another meeting, the Friday prayer leader of Mobarakeh appreciated MSC’s performance and said designation by the Supreme Leader of this year as the year of boosting production suggests that more attention should be paid to production. “Accordingly producers including Mobarakeh Steel Company, shoulder a heavy responsibility in a year Iran pivots to boosting production.”
Mousavi further said that the Supreme Leader has emphasized the need for maximal attention to major industries including the steel industry.   
The Friday prayer leader hailed as valuable the approach MSC has adopted toward undertaking its social responsibility and said, “As a stable company in terms of production and productivity, Mobarakeh Steel Company has performed well as far as social responsibility is concerned. Despite the problems standing in the way, MSC rushed to the help of stricken people in the wake of a strong earthquake in Kermanshah and heavy flooding in a number of provinces.”
In conclusion, he expressed hope MSC can play a key role in helping Iranian people and spurring economic dynamism in the country on the back of tactfulness of its managers and perseverance of its personnel.

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