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Sangan railroad connected to Trans-Iranian Railways

The railroad in the mine-rich city of Sangan [built by Sangan Mining Industries Co. (SMIC)] was linked to the Trans-Iranian Railways in a ceremony attended by the managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC).
According to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter, Hamidreza Azimian, who was on an inspection tour of plants of Sangan Mining Industries Co. said that connection of Sangan railroad to the Trans-Iranian Railways – which has absorbed 300 billion rials in investment – has been one of the paramount needs of the region. “Without a doubt, the railway expansion can help raise production, cut costs and considerably contribute to sustainable development and steady growth in the region.”
He thanked the senior managers and staff at Sangan Mining Industries Company for their excellent performance and stressed that Sangan region needs a double-track railway. “Through MSC’s institutionalized knowhow and consultation with senior managers of Mobarakeh Steel Group as well as the commitment of MSC’s contractors and staff members, we will try to have the 5-million-ton steel concentrate plant in Sangan inaugurated as soon as possible.”
For his part, SMIC Managing Director Mohsen Mir-Mohammadi said connection of Sangan railroad to the country’s railways amounts to a giant step toward achieving corporate objectives.
On the back of MSC’s support, Sangan Mining Industries Company will make detailed, meticulous planning to reach its primary goal: the speedy launch of the concentrate plant which is more than 82 percent complete. “Undoubtedly, thanks to support by MSC’s senior management, other phases of Sangan projects will be inaugurated according to schedule.”
The SMIC chief went on to say that his company has invested as much as €103 million in hard currency and 570 billion tomans [in local currency] in the pelleting plant and some €142 million and about 550 billion tomans in the concentrate plant.
Ali Shamsinia, who is in charge of operations at Sangan Mining Industries Company, said since its launch on August 1, 2017, the 5-million-ton plant has produced more than 3.15 million tons of pellets.
He characterized as satisfactory the production process at SMIC and said the fact that the company has set new records by producing over 15,700 tons of pellets on December 9, 2018 and as much as 375,000 tons in the 30 days to December 21, 2018 shows that the staff has stepped up its efforts to help the company reach its annual objectives.

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