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Production heats up at Mobarakeh Steel Group as cold winter sets in

The committed, perseverant staffers of Mobarakeh Steel Group – which includes Mobarakeh Steel Company, Hormozgan Steel Company, Saba Steel Complex and Sefid Dasht Steel Complex – set new records with the arrival of winter.         
Mega module of DRI Unit No. 2 beats record
The staff at the Direct Reduction Unit (No. 2) Mega-modules at Shahid Kharrazi Project set a new record by producing 250,600 tons of sponge iron in the 30 days to December 21, 2018.
Javad Askari, who is in charge of Shahid Kharrazi Reduction Unit No. 2 of Mobarakeh Steel Company, further said that the timely, efficient overhaul of mega-module A and successful loading of indigenized catalysts set the stage for the company to substantially increase the volume and quality of its pellets.    
He said the unit’s previous record was set in the 31 days to May 21, 2018 when it produced 247,000 tons of pellets. He thanked the managers and staff members of the Iron Making Unit for their collective efforts.   
Hormozgan Steel’s new record of daily sponge iron production
Hormozgan Steel Company set a new record on December 20, 2018 by producing 2,836 tons of sponge iron on the back of efforts by staff at Module A of the Direct Reduction Unit, said Mohammad Jafar Parsi, the company’s manager in charge of operations.
He further said the unit’s previous production record (2,828 tons) was registered on September 4, 2016, adding the overall daily production of the two modules of the Direct Reduction Unit has risen to 5,582 tons. 
Saba Steel Complex sets production record
Production of hot rolled steel coils has surpassed 106,116 tons per month in Saba Steel Complex.
Ahmad Ahmadian, a manager at the complex, said that the previous monthly record was 101,024 tons which was set in the 30 days to November 21, 2018.
He said steel sheets 2 mm in thickness accounted for 88 percent of the complex's products in the 30 days to December 21, 2018, adding in light of the fact that Mobarakeh Steel Company gives priority to meeting domestic needs, production of such sheets has been put on the agenda of the complex’s production lines. “As a result of collective measures by committed staffers and managers, the complex could achieve its goal.”
Ahmadian credited the complex’s achievement to the staff’s congeniality and strong motivation for achieving the annual goals of Saba Steel Complex, reduction of emergency delays, an increase of standby modes of the production lines, and timely inspections.        
He expressed hope that the complex can set new records and push up its monthly production to over 110,000 tons as soon as possible.
Sefid Dasht Steel sets new production record
Hardworking staffers of the Direct Reduction Unit at Sefid Dasht Steel Company of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari had yet another brilliant performance in the 30 days to December 21, 2018 by producing 63,573 tons of sponge iron. This came as the company celebrated its anniversary in late 2018.   
Jamshid Ali Babaei, the head of the operations unit at Sefid Dasht Steel Company, said the company last set a record in November by producing 63,045 tons of sponge iron. He appreciated managers and staff members for their contributions to the company’s record production.

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