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Saba Steel production up 54 percent

In the year to March 20, 2019 which saw the inauguration of expansion projects at Saba Steel Complex, the persevering staff of the complex raised the productivity of human resources and equipment and produced 1,194,608 tons of hot-rolled coils, posting 54 percent growth over the year earlier.
Ahmad Ahmadian, the manager of the complex, further said in line with the policy outlined by the senior management of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) on maximally meeting domestic needs, thin coils (2-2.5mm) which are a basic need of the local market, accounted for the bulk of the items the complex produced in the 12-month period.
He said Saba Steel Complex took the following measures last year in order to raise production and pass through the learning curve of equipment used along production lines: launching the hot rolling mill’s coil binding machine No. 2; removing and handling the remaining punches of the expansion project; recruiting the workforce needed for the development drive; formulating a new organizational chart compatible with the development of production lines; launching a combined heat and power (CHP) plant; and taking care of partial reforms of the electric arc furnace No.1 in the absence of foreign experts.   
He went on to underline the importance of meeting the domestic demand for steel sheets and said the recent achievements came despite some restrictions including summertime drought and the dwindling water which flows into the (hot rolling) mill.
Ahmadian said the complex has worked out and implemented a number of projects on the back of round-the-clock efforts by the personnel of the water transfer unit, as well as the technical services and logistics department, and its management, adding the following are some of these projects: treating and recycling Saba Steel’s industrial wastewater; purchasing and treating industrial wastewater of nearby plants; installing and launching mobile water treatment packages which use reverse osmosis and retreating reject water from the wastewater treatment facility; and adopting effective methods to increase the water concentration cycle and decrease (boiler) blowdowns.
Ahmadian said these measures helped the complex ride out the dry spell and reduce crude water consumption in the (hot rolling) unit.
Saba Steel Complex also set a new world record of cutting water consumption in producing hot-rolled coils, the manager said. “The complex’s water consumption stood at 2.3 cubic meters per ton of hot-rolled coils in the year to mid-March 2019, down 45 percent over a year earlier when Saba Steel consumed 2.5 cubic meters of water for a ton of hot-rolled coils it produced.”
He concluded that the complex has decreased its water consumption despite a 16 percent increase in sponge iron production and 54 percent growth in hot-rolled coil production.

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