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Managing director: MSC to form Resistance-based Economy committee
Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) is set to form a committee to implement the principles of the Resistance-based Economy, said the managing director of the giant steelmaker.
Hamidreza Azimian made the announcement in a management meeting and said the committee aims to assess the company’s needs at a time when sanctions are in place, a period during which MSC should maintain its production. He further said the committee is also tasked with taking measures in line with the stated objectives of the establishment and the country’s national interests.
The MSC chief said the decisions the committee makes and communicates are immediately implementable, adding they will be executed instantaneously and urgently.    
Acquisition of technology for steel plant construction
The MSC managing director also highlighted the need for the company to master the knowhow and technology for constructing steel plants. “As the largest steelmaker in Iran and the Middle East, Mobarakeh Steel Company has left behind infancy and stepped into adulthood. With the country preparing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, MSC is expected to put in enormous efforts to construct steelmaking plants on top of the role it plays in producing steel products and indigenizing the equipment the steel industry needs.”
He went on to say the country has successfully indigenized the better part of the equipment and parts steel plants use inside the country. “The remaining part of the equipment the steel industry needs should be indigenized so that Mobarakeh Steel Company can act on its own to construct and launch a steelmaking plant anywhere in the country. This would be a giant step for the company. If this dream becomes a reality, it would augur well [for the country].”
Azimian said the company should do what it takes to complete the Hot Rolling Mill No. 2 and added that in current circumstances the implementation of this project takes center stage at MSC. “This comes as a similar hot tolling mill will be built and inaugurated in Hormozgan Steel Company (HOSCO) in the next few years.” 
MSC supports domestic manufacturers, those with innovative ideas
The MSC chief also touched on the first National Conference and Exhibition of Iran Steel, which will be held in early January in cooperation with Mobarakeh Steel Company, and said indigenization is front and center at MSC. “The question of accelerators is a central issue in a business atmosphere in which startups are actively present. There are groups of young people with innovative and bright ideas who lack financial strength and sound management to put their ideas into action. Accelerators fill that void and support these groups financially. They will share the financial risks associated with the implementation of such ideas if the groups’ plans are accepted in the first place.”   
He then referred to a shift of approach when it comes to MSC’s bid to purchase the items it needs and said, “Mobarakeh Steel stands ready to buy any indigenized part or equipment if its quality and performance is approved. Thanks to a shift of approach, the company will present a list of its needs in the first National Conference and Exhibition of Iran Steel. If a company comes up with an idea to build and supply equipment and its idea is approved, MSC will enter into partnership with that company to fund the project and share its risks. In other words, Mobarakeh Steel Company will assume the role of an accelerator for the technical startups.”
He went on to say a jury bringing together MSC’s expert engineers and university professors is tasked with judging and screening the innovative ideas. “The projects the jury approves of are introduced to MSC’s contracts and finances system. Then the company makes investment depending on the projects’ dimensions. In case a project is finalized, a contract will be signed with the supplier to purchase the items in a guaranteed manner. To put it in a nutshell, MSC supports domestic manufacturers and people with new ideas.”
The managing director said the staff’s bread-and-butter issues should be brought into sharp focus. “The relationship between the company and the staff members should be handled on a logical basis. The company needs to show appropriate reaction to strong and poor performance. In other words, what the company is expected to do translates into promotion of virtue and prevention of vice.”
Azimian then appreciated the role the Steel Newsletter plays in covering the news stories and events unfolding at Mobarakeh Steel Group and said MSC is considering publishing a new news publication entitled Karkhaneh (Factory).
He expressed hope the new publication becomes one of the best economic papers in the country and all key players of the steel industry and other industries can make good use of its content.

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