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The managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company, accompanied by his deputies and managers of different units, paid a visit to Isfahan Science and Technology Town and tech companies based there on August 31, 2019. The MSC team also met with the town’s president and mulled over and exchanged ways of maximal interaction between the industry sector and the science and technology town and knowledge-based companies. 
In the meeting, MSC chief Hamidreza Azimian said science-research towns, universities and knowledge-based companies are the [executive] arm of technological development, stressing the need for more contacts between the industry sector and science-research towns. “In light of the fact that technology is progressing remarkably fast on all fronts, especially in the steel industry, the acquisition and use of advanced technologies seems inevitable. We believe that constructive ties with Isfahan Science and Technology Town and the tech companies in it can set the stage for Mobarakeh Steel Company and the steel industry to make considerable progress.
For his part, the president of the science and technology town said it is a must for the provincial and national industries to lend support to scientific, research and technological centers. “Mobarakeh Steel Company can play a greater role in supporting Isfahan’s tech companies by investment in Isfahan Province’s Research and Technology Fund.”
According to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter, Mehdi Naghavi, who leads the technology department in Mobarakeh Steel Company, said science, research and technology centers should get involved in domestic projects more than before so that they can turn their [innovative] ideas into products. “MSC gives top priority to the acquisition of steel technologies. We should bear in mind that production should not be put in harm’s way in the process.”
He further said two issues should be taken into account as far as acquisition of technologies is concerned. “First, how do knowledge-based companies and universities view realities in the industry sector? Second, how familiar are they with issues concerning micro processes in MSC or any other steelmaker? There is evidence that their view, at least for now, is far from comprehensive and does not suit the realities of a giant steelmaker. That’s why they should be given a real, objective perspective of what is happening in the steel industry first so that steel companies and science and research centers can find common ground.”                    
In the technology department, we set the stage for those with innovative ideas in knowledge-based companies and science and research towns to get familiar with details about MSC’s production lines and the company’s concerns, he said. “For example, for one who claims that they are capable of designing a steel production line, it is necessary to learn about the details and the needs for the existence of an integrated production process; otherwise production will not become reality.”
Naghavi went on to say, “Simply building a special and exclusive device is not what matters for Mobarakeh Steel Company. The giant steelmaker has set its sights on the acquisition of technology. Various factors such as technical knowhow, designing, engineering and implementation should go hand in hand to help the company achieve its stated objective(s). Do science-research towns and knowledge-based companies possess all these capabilities?”       
He also said, “Without a doubt, MSC is seeking to make this happen through its support for these research centers. We need to turn potential into production and generate revenues by maintaining and improving the production trend. Supported by knowledge-based companies, Mobarakeh Steel Company can possess technologies. To that end, we reach out to knowledge-based companies, science and research towns and universities across the country. In return, we at Mobarakeh Steel Company feel duty-bound to lend support to these scientific centers. A group or an association should be formed to cover all these issues in an integrated manner.”

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