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Successful progress in changing the drives at the hot rolling unit

"This project- which was defined in order to reduce stops, facilitate maintenance and repair, and improve the quality and quantity of production and profitability- is progressing considerably", said Mehdi Taleb, head of basic rolling repairs at MSC hot rolling unit, adding "the analogue drives of the hot rolling unit, which had been operating constantly since their installation, were in a great need for repair, change, and update of their different parts in order to facilitate trouble-shooting and repair procedures and prevent any potential stops in the manufacturing line."
According to him, this huge repair project required precise planning: "regarding the importance of the issue, last year, we planned the project with precision, negotiated with the partner company, and operationalised the project".
He said this sensitive process will take 2 years, adding "the first complex was installed and operationalised in Coiler number 3. At the next stages of the project, the drive for the second stand of the finishing mill (which is the second stage of the project) will be included in the annual planned repairs and installed and operationalised in Oct, 2019."
He continued "regarding the technical features and state-of-the-art conditions of these drives, this project will decrease stops, facilitate maintenance and repairs, and finally increase the company's production and profitability."
At the end, he emphasised it is the first time such a huge project of this kind is run at the country, and expressed his appreciation for the efforts by the manage and staff members of hot rolling unit, IRASCO Co., IRISA Co., and all the other contributing companies and units.

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