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The Expansion Project of Steel-Making Furnace No.1 Completed

With the efforts of MSC management and staff, and with local companies’ cooperation, the EAF no.1 expansion project is fully implemented.
Iraj Nosuhi, manager of MSC steel making and continuous casting plant, confirmed this news and said: Development projects are underway in MSC and in order to increase melted steel production in electric arc furnaces and achieving 7.2 million MT of melted steel per year, under-roof expansion projects are defined for steel making furnaces no.1, 2, 7&8.
He added: The most important activities done for increasing production capacity of furnaces are; Increasing transformer capacity from 90 MVA to 140 MVA, replacing 600 mm electrodes with 700 mm electrodes, changing the height of furnace to increase its capacity from 180 MT to 200 MT, increasing the capacity of material-charging systems, electric equipment and cooling systems, and reducing the time of melting by 93.5 minutes which will increase the number of melting cycles.
He noted: For doing above adjustments, a great number of equipment are designed and built by domestic workshops. Some of these equipment are main body and ceiling structures and dust disposal system.

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