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Two 35-ton dump trucks refurbished at MSC
With the execution of overhauls on 2 dump 35-ton dump trucks and their reuse in production lines by the powerful inept hands of the people working in the special mechanisms maintenance shop, not only the need for purchasing or hiring new dump trucks of this kind was obviated, but also an amount of 20 billion Iranian Rials was saved for Esfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company.
Alireza Kazemi, special mechanisms maintenance chief while informing us of this development added, “In the year which is adorned by the name of Political Epic, Economic Epic, the all-out overhaul of two 35-ton dump trucks used in the transportation of metallic and non-metallic wastes of MSC was completed successfully, which has brought about a significant saving in costs for the company.
Referring to the fact that hiring similar vehicles for the company would cost billions, he said, “Fortunately, in a 3-month period with a precise project control and correct management method the refurbishing and overhaul operations of these two dump trucks was completed quite successfully and another golden page was added to the epic of the honors of Esfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company, thus enhancing and trust in the performance of the internal workforce show itself in the most brilliant way in the indigenization of such overhauls within the company.”
The chief of special mechanisms repair workshop, in conclusion, expressed his thanks to the people working on this project in logistics and transportation department, purchase department, transportation department’s technical office whose efforts bore fruit in successful completion of this project.

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