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the plate required for manufacturing car clutches was designed and manufactured at MSC

For the first time in Iran, with the efforts of MSC staff members, grade 18-5 Mn plate used in manufacturing clutches for automobile industry was designed and manufactured at MSC .
This was declared by Alireza Molavizade, head of troprocess unit, who added "this action was taken to tackle the country's need to import, extend and diversify the company's portfolio, and manufacture special products with higher value added.
In this regard, Hamed Tamizifar, head of metallurgy and manufacturing methods at MSC, noted "before MSC could manufacture this grid, which is used in manufacturing clutches for light cars such as Pride and Peugeot 206, it used to be imported from abroad."
He added "after Payaclutch Company requested this product, a sample was designed, manufactured, tested, and sent to the company."
He said the product was tested at Paaya Clutch too and the results were satisfying. "After conducting heat treatment and other complementary tests, the company approved of the product's quality."
According to him this grade was requested at 3.5 * 1275 dimensions, and its mechanical features include a yield stress of over 355 MPa, an ultimate strength of 470-630 MPa, and a minimum flexibility of 20%. And "this product was designed within the DIN standard analysis range."
Molavizade expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the executives and staff members at several sections such as metallurgy and manufacturing methods, steel manufacturing, hot rolling, product lab, sales, production planning, and market research.
In this regard, Gholam-reaza Salimi, the executive at MSC steel manufacturing and continuous casting, said "at steel manufacturing section, the grade is emptied by the electric arc furnace. And considering the grade class at this unit, while emptying, 1500 kg high-carbon ferromanganese, 1000 kg medium-carbon ferromanganese, 400 kg ferrosilicium, and 100 kg aluminium are added to the melt in order to make analysis. After emptying the melt, it is transferred to ladle furnace for the final setting of the analysis and temperature according to fuel instructions, refining the steel, and increasing the quality. At this unit, the impurities in the melt decreases and its quality increases through proper slag making (by adding lime and oxygen scavenger), calcium treatment, and gentle blasting at the end.
Salimi said after secondary metallurgical operations, the melt is transferred to the casting unit, adding "casting this grade (considering the carbon in the melt which is in steel group 4), is done with a speed of 1-1.1 mpm in casting machines 1, 3, and 4, and a speed of 1.2-1.3 mpm in casting machines 2 and 5. After casting, the grade slabs are transferred to air cooling unit 28 and then to the hot rolling unit."
Ali Hajian-nezhad, manager of the MSC hot rolling unit, said "regarding the top management's strategies and in order to support Iranian producers, contributing to production prosperity, and provide the raw materials for factories that manufacture automobile parts under the US sanctions, in collaboration with other MSC units, hot rolling unit managed to mass-produce one of the grades used in manufacturing auto parts based on universal standards."
Emphasising that grade 18-5 Mn is used in car clutch parts, he continued "clutch, which is a high-tension and sensitive part in power transfer system of automobiles, includes several parts. Thus, the hot plate used for it must have standard dimensions, mechanical and metallurgical features, surface features, and so on. The hot plate for this grade- which has limited dimensional tolerances and high mechanical features- was produced successfully, in accordance with the related standards, and was satisfactory for the client; which was due to proper prediction of procedural actions such as setting the temperatures from reheating furnace to the end of the line at each stage, distributing rolling forces and width distribution, depicting the production plan and the required simulations, and process control."
He also emphasised "as a clutch manufacturer, Payaclutch Company, which is licenced by well-known VALEO Co., not only provides for the needs of Iranian auto manufacturers- for instance, Iran Khodro, SAIPA (Mega Motor), I.D.E.M, Iran Khodro Diesel, and Renault Pars- but also exports its products to countries such as Romania. In the past, the company used to import its required plates from South Korea."

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